GPX Sim Racing

  • Fully adjustable pedal structure (Pedal tilt, hardness softnesssetting
  • Angle setting, distance setting, position etc. Settings)
  • Allowing the use of each pedal (Gas, Brake, Clutch) separately
  • External control panel, durable electronic card system
  • High with 16-bit load cell and 12-bit data transfer for each pedal sensibility
  • 120 kg load withup to 100kg real force on the brake pedal plate cell
  • Unlimited configuration with comprehensive and user-friendly interface software options
  • Suitable for the toughest usage conditions with its all-metal structure (Steel, Chrome, Aluminum, polyamide parts)
  • Special production in all parts for the closest feeling to real use
  • BORDIGNON 2S19045 ITALIA Springs with high load resistance and long usage time
  • Static paint and chrome plated parts resistant to scratches, Compatibility with all game sets with USB output and Plug / Play feature, Software and user interface compatible with all games
  • 2 years unlimited warranty (free product in case of product failurepossibility of replacement or part exchang
Вес: 8,1 кг
Размер: 41 x 33,5 x 15 см