Looking to maximize pedal control and feed level accuracy? Look no further.
All aspects of the R7 pedals have been designed with unmatched adjustability and best possible ergonomics in mind.
Packed with innovative features to match the driver’s preference perfectly. Result: a level of control yet to be seen.
The essence of R7 pedals is to provide a competitive edge. It’s up to you to capitalize on it.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Pedal control accuracy practically doubled via dual action pedal arm design
  • Heel can travel up / down with foot resulting in superior pedal control and feed accuracy
  • Fixed ‘traditional’ heel support also available (per pedal or one plate for all pedals)
  • Fully adjustable pedal faces & heel supports for optimal pedal feel and ergonomics
  • Brake pedal max load 80 kg (when pedal face at vertical center position)
  • Silent operation ensured by utilizing deep groove ball bearings and spherical rod-ends in the design
  • Maintenance free design: no lubrication required
  • Adjustable pedal tilt angle (+8 / -16 degrees)
  • Easy & fast adjustments for pedal travel, pedal feel and required operating force
  • Adjustable max. compression for each polyurethane spring. Adjustments with 1 mm steps within allowed range.
  • Mechanical adjustable limiter for brake travel (does not limit load, only travel)
  • Load cell (LC) signal measuring (all pedals)
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Software with adjustable profiles & save to file option
  • Pedal-to-controller box cable lengths: brake 35 cm / throttle 25 cm
  • Double shielded USB cable
  • Controller box equipped with mounting holes (M4)
  • Can be mounted directly to ‘industry standard’ 80/20 aluminum profile (min. 40×120 mm spec or 2 separate profiles)
  • Clutch pedal will be available soon (connect to controller box and you’re set)
  • Made in Finland