Heusinkveld шифтер

Many modern race cars feature a sequential gearbox, so when looking to recreate the feel in a simulator, the Heusinkveld Engineering Sim Shifter Sequential provides the ideal solution.

Featuring a compact design, the shifter is engineered from high quality materials to allow for a durable and authentic feeling shifting action which can be installed in even the tightest simulator set up. With a short throw action, the shifter replicates the feel of a real sequential gearbox thanks to a ball spring resistance system. This means that the lever requires a higher initial peak force before the resistance drops as the lever simulates the gearbox sliding into gear. Either end of the lever features a soft end stop to produce a relatively low noise while shifting.

As not every driver or simulator rig have the same requirements, the Sim Shifter Sequential provides a great deal of adjustability to tailor the shifter to your individual requirements. Each shifter is supplied with three different levers; a straight 30mm lever, a straight 50mm lever and an angled 50mm lever. To complement this, there are also three different shifter knobs included, either round, short or long. All of these items can be interchanged within a minute to suit your individual preferences or the type of car that you are simulating. In total, the shifter allows for up to 9 possible configurations. The lever also features an M10 thread to allow for any other aftermarket gear knob to be used.

As far as mounting the shifter is concerned, every item is supplied with a separate table clamp for mounting to a flat surface. The shifter is also supplied with an alternative mounting bracket for attaching onto aluminium profiles with a size of up to 40mm. This allows the shifter to be either side or base mounted and can allow for a degree of rotation in order to provide the best possible angle for use.

The shifter can be used as a standalone item by connecting to a PC via a USB cable or there is also a 4x1 2.54mm female Molex socket for connecting to the Heusinkveld USB Controller as supplied with their Sim Pedals.