GPX Sim Racing

  • Aluminium arm
  • 100 mm mace to real racing standards
  • Suet leather coating
  • Stainless steel top panel
  • 2mm sheet metal body
  • Static dye
  • Aluminium steel inner mechanism
  • Fast and smooth data transfer with 16 bit resolution and unlimited usage time with the C-HES magnetic system (Potasiometers and similar load-bearing systems were not used
  • Fast data transfer and compatibility with all computers with its specially designed electronic card and 32 bit microprocessor
  • It has plug / play capability and is compatible with all computers and has a USB output
  • 2 year unlimited warranty (replacement with a new product in case of product malfunction)
Вес: 2 кг

Размер: 15 х 54,5 х 7,5 см